Franks Spray Foam Insulation
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Certified Spray Foam Contractor

All of our operators are certified and trained by both CUFCA and BPQM. Work being done by Frank’s Spray Foam is required to meet the strict standards of the SPF Quality Assurance Program with the application of CCMC approved products.

We will have at least one certified installer on each job site at all times. From the tightest crawlspaces to the top of the rafters in your garage where spray foam can be applied safely and most effectively we will suit your needs.

Canadian Made Polar Foam Soya

Frank’s Spray Foam Insulation is proud to install “Polar Foam Soya”.  This brand of Polyurethane foam is Canadian made and is the most technologically advanced foam available.  It is made from recycled plastic bottles and soya oil.  It is an outstanding insulation product,  that offers a constant payback and ongoing energy savings for the homeowner.

High R-Value of R6.5 per inch

This high R-Value insulation with an R value of R6.5 per inch, is a complete insulation, vapour barrier and air barrier system. It minimizes air leakage in the home, and consequently allows for the installation of a smaller furnace or air conditioning unit. The use of Polar Foam Soya, can result in energy savings in excess of 50% on typical utility bills when compared to conventional fiber insulation.